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AS00011 - MacKenzie Fly Rods

Double handed nx1
14ft 9wt

this size of rod is becoming increasingly popular as a good all rounder.  It has a fairly deep progressive action with a fast recovery, giving you a rod that has a beautiful casting action, with a reserve of power if needed. The balanced action of the NX1 rod will cast Spey line and modern Skagit styles and Shooting head systems equally well. It has a uniquely designed taper and action, designed for accurate Spey casting.

- Rod weight - 249 grams
- 4 piece / 112 cm sections / 117 cm tube
- Line weight:


Airflo Fly Reels


Airflo V-lite reels defined the modern trout and salmon fishing reels and were hugely successful. Now meet the new V2 reel series, the perfect combination of original V-lite reel performance with stunning new looks. Still retaining the V cut spool in a smaller format giving you that important extra backing capacity.

The ultra-smooth drag found in the V2 has been engineered with a super low start up inertia to protect the lightest off tippets making it the perfect trout reel, but at the top end of the drag the larger models have the stopping power to take on salmon and saltwater game fish with ease.


  • V cut spool for greater backing capacity
  • Fully sealed saltwater resistant drag system
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Superlight frame
  • High tolerance CNC machining

MacKenzie Fly Lines

G3 phased density 5 Shooting head
42 gram 12.25m 9/10wt
float/sink 2

G3 Phased Density 5 Shooting Head Range

Innovations in line design and technology have come a long way in recent times. At Mackenzie we always strive to produce the most efficient coatings and profiles to maximise the performance characteristics of every line we produce.

Each portion of the line has been precisely calculated during design and manufacture to provide the most fluid transition of density while retaining maximum casting efficiency. Every section of the new line profile descends progressively at the perfect angle and trajectory.

Also available is a Multi Tip shooting head which incorporates the new system, our 3 phased density heads and double density tips allow you to fish at your chosen depth quickly and efficiently.

* Additional tips available for multi-tip systems.

  • Unique tapering system
  • Allows perfect presentation and turn over
  • Distinctive colour change between main line and running line
  • Low stretch core delivers more response when casting and greater sensitivity when a fish takes
  • The specially formulated extra supple polyurethane coating, creates tighter loops for perfect stability and performance

Rio Backing

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Normal Price: €930.00
Deal Price: €830.00

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